Squarespace is a versatile website builder that can accommodate creatives, bloggers, and even ecommerce site owners. Known for its templates’ visual appeal and professional design, Squarespace can help you create a professional-looking site. Its affordable pricing and inclusive plans make this site builder a top choice for many site owners. With complimentary services like email marketing and domain purchasing, Squarespace can support many different business types. 

Compare Squarespace to The Best Website Builders

Squarespace offers several advantages over other website builders, making it a great choice when creating a visually appealing site. Professionally designed templates help visual-heavy businesses like photographers and artists to make the most of their sites. A drag-and-drop editor and 24/7 customer support ensure you have everything needed to create your site. You can also create portfolios on Squarespace to showcase your work or opt for ecommerce plans. 

Squarespace was just one of the platforms we highlighted in our list of the best website builders. We carefully researched and reviewed the most popular site builders to determine which were the best for different situations. If you’re getting ready to build a new website, our list can help you find the site builder that’s right for your needs and goals.

The Good

Wide Variety of Templates: Squarespace offers many professional-looking templates to save you time and make it easier to create your site. The templates are easy to customize, so you can get a professional, functional look without having to hire a designer.

Ecommerce Templates: In addition to standard website templates, Squarespace also offers ecommerce templates. These templates help you showcase your products to drive traffic and sales. With features like inventory management and related product suggestions, these templates allow you to get your ecommerce store up and running quickly.

Portfolio Options: If you’re creating a site to display your professional work, Squarespace’s portfolio options make it easy. You can customize galleries to reflect your work in the best light. If you have content you want to share with specific clients, the password-protected gallery option lets you do that securely. 

Integrated SEO Tools: Rather than implementing SEO on your own, Squarespace’s SEO tools are integrated. Tools include site maps, automatic markup to drive search engine indexing, and SEO settings for both pages and items so you can easily customize and improve your site’s SEO.

Detailed Site Analytics: Squarespace analytics are detailed and comprehensive, so you can understand where your traffic comes from and improve your site’s traffic. Analytics include a traffic overview, the geography of your web visitors, an activity log that details how visitors navigate your site, and the search keywords that are driving traffic to your site. 

SSL Certificates: Your Squarespace site will include a free SSL certificate. With SSL certificates being a must-have, Squarespace ensures that your site is secure from the first moment, which visitors need to know your site is trustworthy. 

Many Integrations: While Squarespace provides an excellent base site, you can also use apps to customize your site’s performance and look further. Squarespace’s integrations include popular apps like YouTube, Dropbox, and Instagram so that you can do even more with your site.

Website Builder Mobile App: Squarespace offers a powerful website builder app that lets you edit your site while you’re on the go. The app is available for iOS and Android. In addition to editing your site, you can also use the app to contact customer support or upload new blog posts.

Hire an Expert Option: While Squarespace is designed to be easy to use, if you decide that your site needs a professional touch, you can hire a designer or developer right through Squarespace. This can save you from searching for a professional with the skills you need, ensuring you get quality, customized work done quickly. 

Comprehensive Support: In addition to a help page with extensive informative guides, videos, and articles, Squarespace also offers free webinars to help you develop your Squarespace skills. Community forums can also help you get answers to specific questions. If you still need assistance, Squarespace customer support is available 24/7 through live chat and email.